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PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION - The PTO meets approximately three times a year, from August through April, to discuss the Montessori philosophy and materials as well as other topics of mutual interest to parents of young children.  Teachers and parents both participate and there is time for teachers and parents to visit and get to know each other.  Since it is so important that the Montessori approach be reinforced at home, parents are encouraged to attend these sessions as a part of their children’s education.

OBSERVATIONS - Parents are expected to attend the Mothers’ and Fathers’ Hours at School.  This is a time parents can become active participants with their child in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to make appointments to observe their child’s class at least once during the school year.

CONFERENCES - Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled in December and April after evaluations have been completed.  Conferences may be arranged at any other time during the school year for any child if either the teacher or parent feels it is necessary. 


DAILY SCHEDULE - Please refer to the Class Schedule page on the website.  Please read it carefully so you will be aware of arrival and departure times and have an idea of what your child will be doing during the day.  Please remember that promptness is very important.  If your child is late, an important part of the educational program can be lost and your child will feel upset.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES - On the first day of school, please send a complete change of clothes for all children.  Each item should be labeled or marked with your child’s name.  The clothing should be sent in a large zip-lock bag with the child’s name clearly marked on the outside.  This clothing should be put in your child’s cubby in case of an “accident” at school.

LUNCH - The school does not serve lunch, so each child is responsible for bringing lunch to school (with the exception of half-day children who leave before lunch).  Please send your child’s lunch in a lunch box.  Be certain that the child’s name is clearly marked on the outside.  Also, it is a good idea to mark any Tupperware containers in case they are misplaced.  Lunches are not refrigerated or heated at school, so please send items that are nonperishable.  Sandwiches, Lunchables, chicken nuggets and rice and gravy are just a few examples of what can be packed in your child’s lunch.  A thermos may be used for soup, macaroni and cheese, casseroles, drinks, etc.  No carbonated drinks, please.  Please include two cloth napkins, labeled, in your child’s lunch.  The school does provide daily snacks.

FOOD POLICY - We at Little Learners Montessori are concerned about the nutrition of young children since it affects their mental and physical health and, of course, their ability to learn.  Please do not send any candy or gum.  Crackers, cheese and a piece of fruit or vegetable can be used as substitutes for other, less nutritious foods.

CLOTHING - Please dress your child in simple, neat, comfortable clothing that he can manage alone.  We suggest slacks with elastic waistbands, pullover sweaters and large zippers.  Of course, the staff will assist any child who has trouble with clothing, but it is preferable if the child can manage clothing with little or no assistance.  Shoes should be sturdy, have rubber soles and a closed toe with a back or back strap.  No sandals or cowboy boots, please.  Please do not send your child to school in their best clothing.  Various school activities such as art or water exercises can result in occasional accidents and we do not want any child upset or restricted because of clothing.  As long as clothes are clean and neat, they are suitable for school.  Please label any outer garments that may be removed in school, such as coats and sweaters.  Please do not allow children to wear watches or jewelry to school.  These items tend to distract the children from their work and may also be easily broken or lost.

ITEMS FROM HOME - Children are permitted to bring items from home to share with the class if they have an educational value.  We welcome books, records, tapes and articles of scientific interest.  Please do not permit your child to bring any toys to school.

QUICK SEPARATION - Some children, especially those who are coming to school for the first time, may cry the first few days.  We have found that the “quick separation” method works best, so we ask for your cooperation.  If your child cries when you bring him to school, please say a quick good-bye, remind your child that you will be back to get him later and leave.  The teachers have been trained to handle such situations and children who cry on arrival usually stop shortly after the parent has gone.  Please do not linger and try to convince your child to stop crying by reasoning or arguing with him.  Maintain a cheerful, positive attitude about school and just leave after saying good-bye.  If you find that you are still worried after you have returned home or arrived at work, please feel free to give us a call and we will gladly let you know how things are going.

SIX-WEEK TRIAL PERIOD - All new children are given a six week trial period when they are first enrolled.  Any child unable to adjust to school will be subject to dismissal.  Likewise, any parent not completely satisfied with Little Learners will be able to withdraw.  Of course, the staff will make every attempt to rectify any difficulties before dismissal is recommended.  Dismissal is a very rare occurrence.

NAPS - Three and four year old children will require a mat and a mat cover clearly labeled with their name.  If we do not have a mat and pillow available for your child, we will let you know.

COMMUNICATIONS - Communication between school and home is of the utmost importance.  We feel that parents should know what we do in school and reinforce what their children learn at home.  The parent/teacher meetings provide a vital link between home and school.  The school issues newsletters to all regular parents containing news of school activities and related areas.  If you have news or suggestions for the newsletter, please let us know.

Because the teachers’ primary responsibility is to the children, we ask that you do not engage any of the staff in lengthy conversations during the school hours.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS - Little Learners will follow the Calcasieu Parish Public School annual calendar for session first and last days of school and holidays.  In addition, if Calcasieu Parish schools are closed for bad weather, we will be too.  Therefore, please listen to the news on any questionable days.  In the event of school closings announced during the day, we will make every attempt to remain open.  If you are in doubt, please phone Little Learners for further information or refer to our website, You will also be contacted via email.

CALENDAR - Please keep the school calendar included with the first PTO meeting notice, giving the basic dates for activities and events for the school year.  You will be informed of any other events as they are scheduled via newsletter or notes in your child’s cubby and through email.

INJURIES - When a child has a minor injury at school, the staff will clean and bandage the wound.  The school will not apply or give any medication.  A note will be sent home with the child explaining the circumstances of the injury.

In the event of a serious injury or illness, parents will be phoned immediately.  In a medical emergency, 911 will be called, and  the child will be taken immediately to the nearest emergency room for treatment.  Again, parents will be informed directly.

BIRTHDAYS - We will celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  If you would like, you may provide a cake, cupcakes or cookies for the celebration.  Your child may want to bring some small favor to share with his classmates.  Please no candy or gum.  Half-day children are invited to stay for lunch on their birthday and share favors with the students at that time.  If your child’s birthday falls on a weekend or school holiday, the celebration will be on the last day of school before his birthday.

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